W Trucks Limited specialise in the distribution of Sermac concrete pumps which are world renowned for their functionality and reliability. Their prime aim is to supply quality new and used concrete pumps at an affordable price to contractors and operators nationwide.

Sermac is a 20 year old Italian manufacturer of concrete pumps, pump/mixers, stationary pumps, placing booms and shotcrete equipment  and annually produces over 500 boom pumps. Sermac is now one of the main producers of concrete pumps in the world, producing boom pumps from 21-65 metres vertical reach. Sermac is currently the number one selling concrete pump in Australia with around 70 Sermac’s operating just in a city like Melbourne.

We believe that if you sell one of the best concrete pumps in the world it is very important that it is matched with a quality truck to ensure we’re offering the best package. For this reason we prefer to use Isuzu trucks. The combination of the Sermac concrete pump’s hydraulic system and the Isuzu truck results in a quality unit with amazing fuel economy.

The Sermac 5-stage 37 metre pumps on the 8x4 Isuzu CYH400 trucks have proven to be an excellent combination with a fuel efficiency that is hard, if not impossible, to beat by any competitor.


The new Sermac pumps will continue to sell well. With the introduction of the latest emission law the market for imported used concrete pumps has almost come to a halt. We believe that it is no longer economical to re-fit an old pump onto a new truck.

An old pump means continual maintenance. They have a lot of wear and tear. If you buy an old pump, repairing and replacing parts will become almost a daily routine. With a new pump you have got years before you need any major repairs, all you have to take care of is routine maintenance and servicing.

AW Trucks currently imports approximately six new Sermacs a year for concrete pump operators and concrete placing companies all over the country. Two of the biggest pumps were recently sold in Queenstown and Canterbury. These pumps are used for both residential and commercial projects.

The 5-stage Z-fold booms are perfect for larger commercial jobs, because with the low unfolding height of the 5-stage pumps the boom can unfold inside a building.

For the mounting and commissioning of new concrete pumps AW Trucks Limited has teamed up with Counties Diesel Services Ltd, a company managed by Jamie Weijers who has been factory trained at the Sermac factory in Milan Italy.

The prices of the pumps are attractive, with packages at prices substantially lower than prices quoted by some competitors for a similar pump.